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Understanding Mental Health

The concept of being successful in life is a widely appreciated and accepted notion across all cultures. Mental health is key in determining the course your life takes-towards your ambitions, or oblivion. A quick survey by Forbes magazine’s most successful individuals in the world today, compared to their mental wellness, finds that 100% of them are mentally healthy. That said, mental wellness or being mentally healthy doesn’t equate to avoiding problems, making the most money or just defeating mental illness. It is all about living positively regardless of the challenges you face.

What Is Mental Health?

Mental health is in its most basic definition described as the sum of a person’s emotions and socio-psychological wellbeing. It is denoted by (and affects) our thoughts, feelings and actions.

What is the importance of mental health?

When we function at full mental capacity we are able to stay clear of issues related to psychological disorders that range from depression to addiction. The capacity to be of sound mind is innately human. We all just need to tap into it.

What is the process of achieving mental health?

How do we attain and maintain mental wellness? Well, the following are quick tips to becoming mentally healthy. Here are 2 key aspects of good mental health:

Building self-esteem

When you contribute toward building your self-esteem, you begin to clearly see, in yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly. Recognizing and accepting your weakness and strengths and making the best out of what you have. A healthy self-esteem boosts your morale to achieve your goals.

Support system

“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.”, so the saying goes. Positive relationships make an individual mentally stronger. Mental strength is paramount to maintaining mental health, especially during times of strife. Build a support system that will build your persona into a more productive and proactive member of society. Family, friends or religious communities can be good sources of support, which is an important component of Psychotherapy.

What are the Benefits of mental Health?

Please note that; help for mental disorders and mental illness is readily available, regardless of your location.