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How Mentally Sound Are you?

A properly working human mind is the key to all other aspects of human functioning. The mind controls physical functions like breathing and eating which are essential for life. It also controls the behavioral functions of an individual like aggression, empathy and other behaviors that enable you to exist in your environment. A perfectly working brain is thus extremely crucial for all aspects of your life. Psychology is the study of the brain and the behaviors it influences in various states. A practitioner of these studies is called a psychologist.

What can affect your mental health?

There are a lot of things which can affect your mental health. Many of them are in your immediate environment at work and at home. Undue pressure is often the cause of ill mental health. For example, a looming deadline at work with no headway regarding the assignment.

Pressure at home could take place in the form of an abusive or cheating spouse, substance-abuse, or even long-term ill health of a family member.

What are symptoms of ill mental health?

If you or your loved ones start experiencing these symptoms, it is time to have a psychotherapy session:

Attending a counseling session with a qualified psychotherapist is appropriate to determine how bad the ill health is.

There are numerous benefits of having regular mental checkups with approved Mental Health Services providers, which outweigh the tendency to ignore the symptoms. If you or a friend or relative is experiencing a significant psychological issue, the best practice is to keep seeing your psychotherapist regularly.