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Do Your Clients Trust You?

Are you a counselor? Then you are very well aware of the doctor-client confidentiality clause. This is a clause which states that the doctor will not use the information he has the privilege of obtaining due to his status, for personal gains or to advance the gains of others at the expense of the client. More so, a psychotherapist is in a unique position of learning of patients’ fears from their acts of commission or omission both said and unsaid.

How to build trust

It is important for both you and your client to take steps in building mutual trust. You are uncovering confidential information from the client and it is very important that the client have trust in you, otherwise he will withdraw further to his detriment. Some basic steps towards building a relationship founded on trust include:

Maintaining trustful relationships

Your privacy is protected by law. This means you will not be compelled to provide the client’s records to anyone. As a counselor, you can build your reputation around Brossard by being highly secretive, guaranteeing the confidentiality of your clients’ records even at your own inconvenience.